Become a Member

To become an official member of the Denver Young Democrats, you must be a registered Democrat living in the City and County of Denver between the ages of 18 and 35.

Members must pay annual dues in the amount of $10.00 per year. The payment of dues is required to vote in Denver Young Democrats’ elections and to hold office.

Dues support Denver Young Democrats’ events, get out the vote initiatives, and many other activities:

  • Membership includes discounts to annual DYD events, i.e. holiday party, baseball games, picnic, and partnership events
  • Membership support enables DYD to fund more events where we can bring panel of guest speakers
  • Membership support allows DYD to play a bigger role in assisting with the efforts of Organizing For America (OFA), Democratic Party of Denver (DPOD), Colorado Democratic Party (CDP), and Colorado Young Democrats (CYD) with their get-out-the vote efforts during national and local elections
  • Membership allows DYD to increase the organizations¬†visibility¬†in the county, state, and regionally
  • Membership gives members first access to limited tickets for events (often at a discount or free to young dems) as they become available, i.e. Obama events, county & state functions, and volunteer events
  • Membership also helps DYD with its effort to groom the next generation of political leaders and acknowledge their successes
  • Most importantly membership allows DYD to educate more young people about the political process and encourages them to get involved

To become a member, click here.