Letters of Intent – DYD Election 2019


Justine Sandoval

To Whom It May Concern:

My name is Justine L. Sandoval and I am writing to advise of my intent to run for the position of President of the Denver Young Democrats. Currently I serve as the Vice President and in that time my colleagues and I have worked diligently to make the organization more inclusive of the young democrats we represent.

I am running for the position of President because I feel my previous two years on the board, combined with my knowledge of the Denver community give me a unique perspective on what our organization needs to do to expand our efforts. I have seen this city change in so many ways. Some of it has been positive but there has also been a lot of negative impact on the community. Growing up in Denver and having worked on issues within the community my entire life, I feel I know the people of Denver on a personal level. They are my neighbors, my friends, my family and my peers.

As President I feel that I can be a strong voice to respresent young people in the democratic party. I intend to make sure the Denver Young Dems not only grow as an organization but expand our influence not only in the community but within the party. As Denver changes and the Democratic party changes it is more important than ever that we have people representing us who actually represent the issues we are facing as a community. I have been on the ground doing work in this city my whole life.

I believe finding the solutions to the issues we are facing as a city and as a party starts with bringing as many voices as possible to the table. Now more than ever people want to participate in making meaningful and impactful change that helps everyone in the city. I want to be able to lift up your ideas and solutions to making Denver an inclusive place for all of us to live and have a place.

I feel my years of experience and work in the Denver community qualifies me for this position and I hope to earn your vote. Thank you for your time and consideration.


Justine L. Sandoval

Vice President

Kate Sneed 

Dear Denver Young Democrats,

I would like to express my interest in the Vice President officer of Denver Young
Democrats. I am a Denver native with over 10 years of experience in education, non­profit,
and policy in Denver. I want to contribute my passion for educating and encouraging young
people to use their voice, to DYD.

I began my career in education non­profit developing and managing job readiness
programs and working in education policy. I then became, a licensed teacher in the State of
Colorado and taught high school math for over 5 years. After completing my masters in
Public Administration, I began work in state government. My passion for providing
opportunities and experiences where young people can find interests, develop skills and
learn to use their voices has been the cornerstone of my work. Serving as the VP of DYD
will provide me an opportunity to continue educating young adults on the importance of their
voices and the many ways in which they can be involved in their communities. I will build
relationships with other organizations and communities that serve young people to provide
opportunities for individuals to learn, participate, and activate on the issues that matter to

I look forward to the opportunity to serve as the Vice President of Denver Young Dems.


Katherine “Kate” Sneed

Event Coordinator

Lance Hostetter

Denver Young Dems:

I’m Lance Hostetter, and I’m excited to ask for your vote for Event Coordinator.

I’m a seven-year resident of Denver, and lifelong Coloradan. For the past seven years, I’ve
worked to ensure that smart education policies are enacted, teacher voice is elevated, and
students are prepared to succeed in future college and career endeavors.

But, I want to do more.

As your Event Coordinator I will work with the DYD team to ensure that we maximize our
outreach and visibility to all Denver Young Dems. It’s imperative that we work as a team to
ensure that young dems are being prepared to engage in the democratic process, learning how
to run for office, and elevating young voices in today’s politics.

With you, we will continue to host events, raise money, and make connections that will help
create a pipeline for future leaders.

Thank you,

Lance Hostetter

Finance Coordinator 

Curt Baker

To the voting members of the Denver Young Democrats,

For an idealist, there is hardly anything more invigorating than politics. Each phone called, door knocked, paper filed, email sent, campaign enacted, policy debated, and speech given is a strike on the anvil of our collective as we — together, — forge the laws governing our lives. This has never been more apparent, as young people across the nation voted in record numbers in 2018. As you know, the work of the Denver Young Democrats is integral to this process and our influence should only grow. Thus, it is with the utmost respect and optimism that I submit this letter of intent for consideration of the role as Finance Coordinator.

Living cross-culturally for ten years and in four different states for the last eleven while
developing effective communication in two languages prepares me to support the diverse
and expansive ethos of the Denver Young Democrats. Furthermore, I have substantial
financial management experience, having served as Treasurer for various collegiate
organizations with a combined budget of over $30,000. I look forward to expanding and
leveraging the resources of our organization in pursuit of a more just, more inclusive, and
more virtuous future.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Curt Baker
(417) 576-7115
[email protected]


Macarena Villagomez

Dear Denver Young Democrats,

It has been an honor to serve you this past year and it is my pleasure to submit my letter
of intent in hopes of continuing my time on the board as Secretary. Serving as the DYD
Secretary I have aspired to create a bigger social media presence for DYD and although I
do feel I have made some progress I do believe there is much more I can do.

For this upcoming year I would like to focus on trying to encourage new members to
participate and provide feedback to DYD. As a first time member this past year I quickly
realized DYD events tended to bring out the same members. To be clear I encourage
returning members to continue to participate but I would like to see more new faces that
are not as politically involved and are intrigued to learn and meet people involved. I
would like to have DYD— especially via social media platforms—work as a resource for
the community. DYD is something bigger than another party affiliated group it serves as
a place to connect younger community members who are passionate and want to stand
and work together for what we believe is just and not just follow what the party says.

I must admit I am not the most tech savvy, don’t personally have a Twitter account, and I
might have learned how to use Facebook live just a few months ago, the difference is I
recognize my weaknesses and I am open and willing to learn. Being a part of DYD has
been such a privilege and I thank you for providing me with such opportunity.

Thank you for your time and full consideration. I hope to have your vote to serve as your
Secretary for 2019.


Community Liaison

Vanessa Harmoush

Dear Board of the Denver Young Democrats,

My name is Vanessa Harmoush and I am submitting this letter to express my intent to run for the Community Liaison position with the Denver Young Democrats Board. I currently work for the Colorado House Democrats and have been part of the DYD board since October 2018 as the Community Liaison.

I was first drawn to this position because I wanted to expand the voter involvement among young people in the Denver area. Working in the political world, I constantly see the lack of young people that are either involved during election time or involved in the political process throughout the year. We are at a point in our lives when are daily lives are affected by what is happening in Washington, DC. Since we do not have much control at the federal level, we can affect change on the state level.

Last election, Colorado had some of the highest young voter turnout in the country, which means that the passion is there. What I aim to do through this position is to make those resources more available for young people that want to be more involved but do not know where to look. I want to expand and increase the presence of the DYD so that we attract young people that want to be involved but aren’t working in the industry.

I recall as a young person that I was intimidated at the beginning to get into this field, I didn’t know where to turn. I want to utilize this position to make presence of DYD more known through events like brewery tours, museum visits, and even more canvassing. I also would like to increase the marketing presence of the DYD. Even something as simple as placing flyers and stickers around the city just ensure more people know the name of the DYD can help greatly with increasing the membership.

My experience going through similar events and my passion to ensure other young people have the resources to get more involved in state and local politics are why I am officially running as the Community Liaison for the Denver Young Democrats.

Thank you so much for your time and I hope I can count on your vote and support.


Vanessa Harmoush

College and High School Organizer 

Michael Templeton

To the Board of Directors and members of the Denver Young Democrats,

I would like to be considered for the position of Board Member with the organization, specifically organizing the high school and college efforts. I am very much aligned with the goals and focuses of this organization and I would like to use the skills gained in my time spent as a board member of other entities, working on campaigns, and working at the State Capitol to help community projects and initiatives such as yours reach their objectives.
I have been a Board Member for multiple organizations for the past four years. I have experience in chairing meetings and strategizing solutions. My administrative experience and proven leadership skills will prove useful to this group of select Denver individuals.

While I hope to be a great addition to the Board, I am most excited and hopeful to work closely with the high school and college groups. I get along well with others and thrive on bettering who I am as a person as well as others respectively. I am confident that these qualities together with my commitment to work will be an asset to your organization.

I look forward to working with the Denver Young Democrats and hope this letter has been received well by you.

Michael B. Templeton