College and High School Organizer – Tay Anderson


Tay Anderson is the former Student Body President of Manual High School, having served three consecutive terms. He also served as Chair of the Colorado High School Democrats and he is the former State Central Committeeman for HD9. Tay has been passionate about his education since he walked through the doors of Manual High School.

Tay passionately believes in and participates in social activism. He has taken a stand to support women’s rights, black rights, Latinx rights, LGBTQ+ rights, Native rights, Muslim rights, and disabled persons’ rights. He has participated in numerous public demonstrations as well as conversations and meetings with school district and state leaders on social activism. Because of his commitment and determination to raise awareness about these issues, Tay helped bring light to these important causes and has rallied his community to stand beside him and take action.

Contact Tay: [email protected]