DYD Officer Position Descriptions

DYD Officer Position Descriptions

What is DYD’s pupose?

DYD works to organize and encourage young people in Denver to take an active interest in progressive politics and civic affairs. As part of this mission, we work to promote engagement in the political process consistent with the principles of the Democratic Party, support candidates upholding those principles, and foster justice and social welfare for the people of Denver.

What are the general duties and time commitment of DYD officers?

The success of DYD depends on the active involvement of its officers. As part of their responsibilities, DYD officers are expected to attend all DYD events and officer meetings and actively participate in the decision-making process. DYD usually holds one officer meeting per month and hosts an average of one event per month. It is also important for DYD officers to participate in other non-DYD political events and develop relationships with other politically active people. Building and utilizing those networks will help us to execute successful events, increase the profile of our organization, and grow DYD’s membership.

What are the duties of each DYD officer position?

President –

  • General charge and supervision of operations
  • Coordinate and preside over officer meetings
  • Represent DYD at public events
  • The president should be able to manage all the duties of the other positions if necessary

Vice President –

  • Serve as the right-hand to the president, supporting the president and goals of DYD
  • Preside as President Pro-Tem at officer meetings and events
  • Conduct community outreach
  • The vice president should be able to manage all the duties of the other positions if necessary

Secretary –

  • Assist with organization of DYD operations
  • Maintain communications of DYD, including:
  • Monitoring and maintaining current information on the DYD website
  • Updating DYD’s Facebook page and maintaining DYD’s social media presence
  • Maintaining an up-to-date calendar of DYD activities and related political events
  • Maintaining DYD’s email communications
  • Take minutes at DYD meetings
  • Assist other DYD officers as necessary
  • The secretary should have basic competency with HTML and some designing capabilities
Finance Coordinator –
  • Collect donations from Fundraisers
  • Manage reimbursements
  • Maintain accounting with the Democratic Party of Denver, including tracking of donations and expenditures to DYD
  • Track membership, including date membership expires
  • Verify eligibility of new members to be in DYD
  • Attend Democratic Party of Denver Finance Committee meetings, as needed, and report helpful information
  • Should have basic competency with Microsoft Excel
  • Develop and manage a fundraising plan
  • Develop fundraising events or a strategy for fundraising at events
  • Solicit donations at events and from individual donors
  • Ensure donations are collected in compliance with campaign finance laws
  • Attend Democratic Party of Denver Fundraising Committee meetings, as needed, and report helpful information
  • Should have excellent communications skills, a strong ability to network and to ask for donations, and understanding of campaign finance laws (can be attained after election)

Event Coordinator –

  • Plan events (GOTV, community service, parties, information forums, debates, etc.)
  • Work with the Fundraiser to develop events with fundraising opportunities
  • Research and reserve locations for events
  • Organize logistics of events, including planning for and bringing necessary items for events
  • Find and manage volunteers for events when needed
  • Manage promotion for events, including creating promotional materials
  • The even coordinator should have excellent communications skills, be highly organized, and have some designing capabilities
Community Liaison –
  • Act as a liaison between DYD and the Democratic Party of Denver, serving as a member of the Democratic Party of Denver’s Executive Committee and Committee At-Large
  • The Liaison shall attend the meetings of those bodies, and as necessary, any and all other related meetings, as a means of representing DYD and serving as an active point of contact between DYD and DPOD.
  • The liaison will conduct community outreach and coordinate with other organizations and political campaigns.
  • The Liaison shall regularly report to and consult with the Board regarding issues related to DPOD, the community and political campaigns and they shall execute such other duties as the Board determines are necessary and proper for the office.
  • Attend Democratic Party of Denver Committee At-Large, Executive Committee and other related meetings and report any information that may be helpful
  • Represent DYD and DYD interests at these meetings, informing them of events and other DYD happenings
  • Facilitate communications with Democratic Party of Denver officers on joint DYD/Democratic Party of Denver events
  • The liaison should have excellent communication skills and be comfortable meeting new people

College and High School Organizer –

  • Shall have general responsibility over outreach and coordination with Colleges and High Schools within Denver.
  • They shall conduct outreach at Colleges and High Schools in representation of the Denver Young Democrats, the Democratic Party of Denver and the Colorado Democratic Party.
  • That outreach includes but not limited to voter registrations, recruitment (to organizations listed above, but prioritizing Denver Young Democrats), and hosting other events on campuses.
  • They shall be the point of contact between College Young Democrat chapters, High School Democrat chapters and Denver Young Democrats.
  • They shall also be the representation of college/high school chapters at Denver Young Democrat events, board meetings, and other duties/events as the board determines are necessary and proper for the office.