Secretary – Rachel Caine


Rachel grew up in Providence, Rhode Island. She received her bachelor’s degree from the University of Vermont with a double major in sociology and psychology. For the past three years, she has served as a legislative aide at our State Capitol for State Representative Jessie Danielson and is currently pursuing a master’s degree in counseling at Regis University. This is Rachel’s first year as a DYD board member and she is excited for the opportunity to help engage young voters in our community.

Rachel began making a difference in her community when she was ten years old, canvassing for Providence city council races. In high school, she assisted with outreach efforts for U.S. Senator Sheldon Whitehouse. As an undergraduate, she was involved in student organizing, working to curb the rising number of sexual assaults on campus. She and a small group of young women were responsible for the installation of safety systems on their campus. Since then, she has held various jobs in the social services field, advocating for homeless populations, victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, and those struggling with mental illness.

Recently, Rachel has focused on grassroots community organizing, making sure communities are represented by strong, progressive leadership. She was State Representative Jessie Danielson’s campaign manager and has been on Rep. Danielson’s staff at our Capitol since her first year in office. She has seen passionate and motivated individuals in communities across Colorado, and is excited to be part of the DYD board to help channel the energy that has emerged following the recent election. Her hope is that we will be able to continue to expand our community’s resources for young voter engagement and meaningful involvement.

Contact Rachel: [email protected]